1 min readApr 25, 2022

5 New BMAX Yield Farming Pools Open April 26th

Dear Bitruers,

BMAX is in full swing now, helping all of our users maximize the rewards they can receive when investing in Bitrue’s Yield Farming service. The first farms opened up late last week and we’re already preparing to get the second round underway starting April 26th at 13:00 UTC. In this round you can receive up to 65% APY on your investment, see the table below for the details of what’s opening up:

We’re committed to making BMAX the best option in the entire crypto space for helping people get the most out of their holdings, check out the entire litepaper here to see how it works!

We’ll have plenty more investment opportunities coming soon, if there’s a particular coin that you’d like to invest for BMAX rewards then shout it out to us over on our Twitter account @BitrueOfficial.


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