ArkhamIntel Gives You Access To The Latest On-Chain Intelligence

3 min readJul 18, 2023

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ArkhamIntel Gives You Access To The Latest On-Chain Intelligence

ArkhamIntel has taken the cryptocurrency world by storm, revolutionizing the way users access on-chain data and information about real-world entities behind cryptocurrency market activities. This cutting-edge on-chain data query tool and intelligence trading platform has garnered attention for its unique approach to promoting a blockchain intel economy through the use of artificial intelligence.

So, what sets ArkhamIntel apart from other tracking tools on the chain? Let’s dive into its key features and the latest developments.

Unveiling Arkham’s Functions:

Arkham provides a vast array of functions to its users, offering valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain transactions:

  1. Unmasking Real-World Entities: Users can discover the individuals and entities behind encrypted wallet addresses, enhancing transparency in the crypto world.
  2. Real-Time Analysis: Arkham enables users to monitor top traders and investors’ activities in real-time through historical data.
  3. Predicting Market Trends: With data from the chain, users can track the flow of funds and predict future market trends.
  4. Portfolio Tracking: Investors can keep a close eye on their investment portfolios and assess historical performance.
  5. Due Diligence: Arkham facilitates thorough due diligence by providing comprehensive data on entities and transactions.
  6. Investigating Illegal Capital Flows: Users can use Arkham to conduct on-chain investigations, uncovering illegal capital flows and observing potential illicit activities.
  7. On-Chain Data and Analytics: Researchers and analysts can leverage real-time on-chain data and analytics for their research and reporting.

What Makes ArkhamIntel Unique?

Arkham’s standout features include its correlation graph, which allows users to follow traces and connections behind each wallet address. This capability sets Arkham apart from other tracking tools, providing a more comprehensive view of on-chain activities.

Additionally, Arkham’s Intel-to-Earn mechanism rewards users for ecosystem beneficial behaviors, inviting new users, and contributing valuable content. By providing blockchain intelligence and participating in the ecosystem, users can earn ARKM tokens.

Newest Development: The Intel Exchange

The latest groundbreaking development by Arkham is the Intel Exchange, the world’s first on-chain intelligence trading platform. This decentralized marketplace allows users to anonymously buy and sell blockchain wallet address information through smart contracts.

The exchange operates on a bounty mechanism, where users can request specific intelligence related to any on-chain activity. On-chain sleuths, or bounty hunters, earn rewards by supplying the requested intel, creating a liquid market for on-chain analysis.

Once acquired, the acquired intelligence remains exclusive to the buyer for 90 days, granting them a short-term competitive edge. After this period, the information is shared with the entire community, benefiting all users.

The Arkham Token (ARKM):

ARKM serves as the primary currency of the Arkham Intel exchange, facilitating trades for crypto intelligence data and enabling community governance. Users can earn ARKM rewards by submitting intelligence and contributing to the ecosystem. The token has a total initial supply of 1 billion tokens, with 37.3% reserved for ecosystem incentives and grants.

In summary, ArkhamIntel is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency landscape by empowering users with valuable on-chain data and fostering a decentralized intelligence economy. With the introduction of the Intel Exchange and the ARKM token, Arkham continues to push the boundaries of blockchain transparency and knowledge sharing.

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