Bitrue Bulletin |16.1.2023–23.1.2023|

3 min readJan 24, 2023

| 16.01.2023–23.01.2023 |

BlockFi’s CEO claims that compensation should be approved by the bankruptcy court in order to keep talent — BlockFi’s chief people officer Megan Crowell has asked a judge to permit incentives for “key employees” despite the company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Crowell stated in a declaration dated January 23 for the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey that BlockFi might not be able to keep staff in a “highly competitive” crypto business without providing certain financial incentives. The BlockFi executive claimed that several employees were “highly likely to leave the company” during the Chapter 11 process without receiving “competitive compensation,” which could result in future costs.

Developers of Ethereum produce a “shadow fork” to test the terms of Ether withdrawals — According to a Jan. 23 Twitter thread by Go-Ethereum engineer Marius Van Der Wijden, developers have developed a testing environment known as a “shadow fork” as the projected date for the Ethereum Shanghai update approaches. The new testnet, which is now disabled but will be enabled in the upgrade, appears to be to test the requirements for Ether (ETH) staking withdrawals.

Talks about a potential common currency between Brazil and Argentina, Coinbase CEO suggests switching to Bitcoin — Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong asked on Twitter if officials from Brazil and Argentina “if they would consider moving to Bitcoin” as they considered the creation of a future single currency, adding that would “probably be the right long term bet”. The hosts of “The Hash” talk about the future currency strategy and the likelihood of including cryptocurrency.




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