Bitrue Bulletin |18.9.2023–22.9.2023|

3 min readSep 25, 2023

Optimism Conducts Third Community Airdrop and Plans Private Token Sale — Optimism, a layer-2 blockchain, has completed its third community airdrop, distributing approximately 19.4 million OP tokens, valued at around $27 million USD, to eligible users. Additionally, the project has unveiled plans for a private sale of 116 million OP tokens worth approximately $162 million USD, with a two-year lockup period imposed on the tokens. The decision to conduct the private sale is attributed to treasury management considerations by the Optimism team. Despite these developments, the OP token’s trading value has seen a decline of about 6.5% over the past week.

OpenSea Notifies Users of Third-Party Security Breach, Urges Key Replacement — OpenSea, a prominent NFT marketplace, has alerted its users about a security incident involving one of its third-party vendors, which could potentially expose users’ OpenSea API keys. While OpenSea doesn’t anticipate an immediate impact on platform integration, they caution that external parties could exploit the compromised keys by utilizing their allocated rate limit. To mitigate risks, OpenSea has advised users to discontinue their existing keys and generate new ones with identical permissions and rate limits, with the current keys set to expire on October 2nd. OpenSea has not disclosed the number of affected users or the extent of information accessed in the breach. This incident follows a similar security breach disclosed by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, leading some to speculate on a possible connection between the two events.

Bitcoin Miners Unearthed During Prison Raid in Venezuela — In a recent raid on Tocoro prison in Venezuela, authorities stumbled upon a surprising discovery alongside the expected cache of weapons: Bitcoin mining machines. The operation involved 11,000 police and military personnel who stormed the prison run by the Tren de Aragua gang. In addition to the Bitcoin miners, the raid yielded sniper rifles, explosives, rocket launchers, and grenades. This incident follows a trend of unexpected Bitcoin mining discoveries in unconventional places, including a similar find by Chilean police earlier in the month during a drug trafficking raid.


tipcoin $TIP

Fasttoken $FTN

Mantle $MNT

Bitrue is thrilled to announce the successful completion of our 2023 BTR buyback and burn operations. These strategic initiatives took place in February, June, and August, during which a substantial number of BTR tokens were bought back. Our execution aligns with the original whitepaper plan to buy back and burn 20% of the total BTR supply. In gratitude to our valued BTR community, we commit to continue this practice quarterly, until we have bought back and eliminated 20% of the existing supply. For more details, see here.

Bitrue launched an exclusive deposit contest for $TIP in conjunction with its recent listing on our platform. Users stand a chance to share a 10,000 $USDT prize pool just by participating. For more details, see here.




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