Bitrue Bulletin | 29.5.2023–4.6.2023 |

3 min readJun 5, 2023


| 29.5.2023–4.6.2023 |

Atomic Wallet Hacked: Largest Victim Reportedly Lost 2.8M USDT — Atomic Wallet, a non-custodial decentralized crypto wallet with over five million customers, experienced a hack resulting in the loss of digital assets. The largest victim of the hack lost nearly $3 million worth of Tether (USDT), with multiple other users also experiencing losses in the six-figure range across different blockchain networks.

Japan’s Largest Bank To Issue Stablecoins on Leading Blockchains — Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), Japan’s largest bank, plans to launch bank-backed stablecoins on public blockchains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Cosmos, and Polygon. MUFG has collaborated with DataChain, a startup specializing in blockchain interoperability, to support cross-chain swaps, payments, and lending across different blockchains. This development signifies a significant step towards integrating traditional banking and blockchain technology, with potential implications for global financial systems.

Proposed Bill to Classify Crypto as Commodities by House Republicans — Senior House Republicans in the U.S. Congress have introduced a draft bill to reclassify digital tokens from securities to commodities, aiming to establish clearer regulatory guidelines for digital assets. The bill focuses on determining the classification of digital assets as commodities or securities and addresses the issue of decentralization. Additionally, the bill proposes the creation of a new category of registered businesses called digital commodity exchanges, subject to oversight by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).




DJED Staking is available now at up to 33.63% APY with a 15-day lockup in Yield Farming.

SHIBANFT Staking is available now at up to 25% APY in Yield Farming.

USDT & HBAR Staking is available now at up to 11.2% APY in Yield Farming.

TOKO Staking is available now at up to 25% APY with a 90-day lockup in Yield Farming.

XDB Staking is available now at up to 30% APY in Yield Farming.

Bitrue x Baby Doge is back at it again with another round of airdrop! Participants joined and stood a chance to win and share an airdrop of 750 USDT. For more details, see here.

In collaboration with MELD, Bitrue is giving away 186,000 $MELD. Users can join the giveaway from 1st of June to 30th of June, 2023. With a total prize pool of 186,000 $MELD, the 30 winners will stand a chance to walk away with 6,200 $MELD each. For more details, see here.




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