Bitrue Coin (BTR) Launch & Airdrop Campaigns

3 min readMay 26, 2019


Thanks for all bitruers’ support, after months of construction and development, we are thrilled to announce that Bitrue Coin (BTR) has been launched on Bitrue platform now. Learn about Bitrue Coin and its function from Official Page.

To celebrate the launch, we have prepared a series of campaigns for our lovely Bitruers. More than 400,000 BTR will be rewarded in following campaigns:

Campaign #1: 200,000 BTR Airdrop For All Users

Bitrue will distribute 200,000 BTR to users who hold asset above $100 valued crypto on Bitrue.

Distribution will be based on the proportion of users’ holdings.

Campaign#2: Invite & Share 200,000 BTR

Another 200,000 BTR will be rewarded to Bitruers who invite friends to the BTR Sale.

Rewards will be distributed within two days after the conclusion of BTR Sale.

Campaign #3: RT To Earn 100 BTR & Random Tip of XRP

How to participate?

  1. Retweet BTR Launch Tweet & Follow @BitrueOfficial

2. Tag 3 friends

3. Register from our link (provided in the tweet)

Campaign #4: 6,000 BTR Premium Prize Draw

Bitrue will draw 3 lucky winners from participants of Campaign #3, each winner will be rewarded with 2,000 BTR as a conclusion of the campaign!

Campaign #5: Trade To Earn BTR Rebate

During BTR launch period, all trading will enjoy 25% off of trading fees. In the meantime, 0.025% of the trading volume will be calculated into BTR and be rewarded to accounts.

BTR will be refunded back to account on a daily basis.

Do Check BTR Sale Plan:

More details of BTR Campaigns could be viewed here: Stay tuned for more official news.

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