Bitrue is Recruiting the First Traders for Copy Trading Launch

1 min readFeb 16, 2023

The pioneering batch of futures traders is wanted at Bitrue for the Copy Trading launch!

There isn’t a better time than now to flex your trading expertise. Join Bitrue’s Copy Trading platform and become one of our first traders!

Why become a Trader on Bitrue’s Copy Trading platform?

  • Share Profits with Followers: On top of your regular trades, you can earn additional income from followers who copy your trade strategies. A trader can share up to 40% of profits from follower trades.
  • Double Up Your Income: Bitrue’s Copy Trading platform is compatible with the Bitrue Partner program. Earn double income when you bring in followers.
  • Become a Crypto Trading Influencer: Build and grow a following of traders through Bitrue’s Copy Trading platform and become an influencer.

Who can become a Trader?

  • Crypto KOLs
  • Expert futures traders on Bitrue or other exchanges/platforms

Be the FIRST Copy Trader today!





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