Bitrue Weekly Digest #16

Stop-Loss Order feature added on Bitrue PC

The Stop-Loss Order feature (Trigger Order tab) has been brought live on PC , and will land on Android soon!

RVN — Listed on Bitrue

We are happy to announce that Bitrue has opened $RVN (Ravencoin) Deposit & Withdrawal today on April 19, and open related trading pairs: RVN/XRP, RVN/BTC and RVN/USDT.

LBTC Listed on Bitrue

There are still more exciting news! We are happy to share our new listing announcement with you: Bitrue has listed LBTC (Lightning Bitcoin) this Friday on April 19.

LBTC Airdrop — $10,000 For All!

To celebrate $LBTC listing, Bitrue will launch LBTC airdrop since April 19, sending $10,000 valued cryptocurrency in total!

VET Added into PowerPiggy Program

This time for $VET!

LBA — Deposit & Withdrawal Opened

Bitrue has listed Cred (LBA) at our exchange and opened deposit & withdrawal on April 11.

Monthly Token Distribution

Congratulations to users, bitrue has distributed monthly $VTHO $NPXS & $GAS to your Bitrue account on April 15.

Bitrue Attended VeChainSummit 2019

Bitrue has attended VeChainSummit 2019, our CEO Curis Wang met with VeChain Founder & CEO Sunny LU, VeChain COO Kevin Feng.



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