Bitrue Weekly Listing Highlights

June 20 to June 26, 2022

3 min readJun 26, 2022

Celsius Network CEL

1500 | CELUSDT | Bitrue

Celsius Network is a Regulated, SEC compliant Lending Platform that enables the community and users to receive interest with high yield on deposited cryptocurrencies or taking out crypto collateralized loans. Founded in 2017, Celsius Network LLC has evolved into a giant Crypto Loan Company with almost $12 Billion worth of Assets under management, and has provided close to $8 Billion worth of Loan to clients. By running the system using the Celsius Token CEL, users can take loans, make payments, and receive rewards.

Xend Finance XEND

0.020192 | XENDUSDT | Bitrue

Backed by Binance and Google Launchpad, Xend Finance is a global DeFi Platform for credit unions, cooperatives, and individuals with Layer-2 Network infrastructure. Xend Finance basically is the first blockchain digital bank in Africa. Users can gain interest on their savings by exchanging their crypto or fiat currency to stable coins and stake on lending platforms.

Rai Reflex Index RAI

0.310 | RAI | Bitrue

Backed by the ETH, Rai is a stable asset which is not pegged to anything. Very similar to the US Dollar which is not pegged but still considered as stable. RAI — USD is maintained with a managed float regime and the exchange rate is determined by the supply and demand by stabilizing its price with constant devalue or revalue. The supply and demand is mechanism works in between two parties, those who generate RAI using their ETH, and those who hold, speculate, and use RAI in other protocols and apps.

Syntropy NOIA

0.040016 | NOIA | Bitrue

A decentralized network connectivity service powered by NOIA token, Syntropy introduces the use of blockchain technology and economic incentive models to enable the sharing of bandwidth and computer resources, creating a new internet. Syntropy NOIA is transforming the public internet into a secured and decentralized user-centric connection with a meticulous internet system and protocol.

Rainmaker Games RAIN

0.052052 | RAIN | Bitrue

Rainmaker is a platform for many play-to-earn games from many different blockchain gathered in 1 location. Rainmaker connects users from all around the world, allowing them to use their own NFT or Rainmaker’s NFT. Rainmaker provides 3 levels of gameplay to ensure evenly matched experiences, starting from Entry level, Middle level, and High level, all with different difficulties and chance to be scouted by guilds.


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