First Farms For BMAX Available Now

Dear Bitruers,

BMAX is now available for trading and rewards!

For those of you who need a quick catch-up, BMAX is the new reward token from Bitrue which is going to increase the rewards investors receive from Yield Farming while simultaneously helping to support the price of BTR. Learn more about it and read the entire litepaper here.

The first yield farms with BMAX as the reward launched on April 22nd with opportunities to stake SOL, ADA, UST and CAKE in order to get high rewards (up to 60% APY) paid out in BMAX. Our farms are always limited but there are still some spots open so get in and invest early.

If you were holding BTR in your Bitrue account during the snapshot period on April 15th 16:00 UTC then your first BMAX airdrop distribution has also been sent directly to your account. This is 10% of the total BMAX that you will receive, with the remaining 90% to be distributed in three subsequent airdrops. The exact time that these distributions will occur will be announced in the future.

Lastly, if you’re a big believer in the potential of BMAX then you’ll be pleased to know that trading has begun for BMAX on a BMAX/USDT pair. BMAX has been designed as a deflationary asset which we intend to appreciate in value over time. You can take advantage of this trading pair if you wish to add extra BMAX into your portfolio.



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