Flexible vs Lock-Up Investments, Which is Right For Me?

3 min readMar 18, 2020


Right now Bitrue provides you with two distinct ways to invest and earn money on your cryptocurrencies — flexible & lock-up investments. Which one should you be investing in at any one time? Let’s take a look at the merits of each.

Flexible Investments with Power Piggy

Fatten up your savings

Flexible investments are what put Bitrue on the map, our Power Piggy was one of the very first crypto investment vehicles in the industry and the model has since been adopted by a number of other leading exchanges.

The principle is simple — you put your coins into Power Piggy in order to earn a certain percentage of APR. That’s it! You can even boost the APR you receive by holding our platform token BTR. Holding BTR in your account that has a value equal to or greater than 20% of the total value of all coins invested into Power Piggy will give you the greatest boost.

+ 11 different coins can be invested, including BTC, ETH, XRP, VET, USDT & ADA
+ Can withdraw at any time
+ Can boost your APR with BTR
- Interest rates are lower than lockups
- Caps only open twice per day and sell out fast

Lock-Up Investments on Power Piggy

The coins available in our latest lockups

The alternative method of investing is lock-up investments, which we implemented on Bitrue about 4 months ago. These investment opportunities provide interest rates that are higher than what the flexible plan can provide (even after boosting them with Power Piggy), but have some downsides. As the name suggests, the coins that you invest have to be locked up for a fixed period of time (usually 30 days), during which time they cannot be touched for any reason. They are also not available all the time — we usually open a new cap every 3 weeks, but if one is not open at the time that you want to invest then you can do nothing but wait. Recently we also developed the ability to lock your BTR to generate additional personal caps when the community caps have run out, but this function is still only useable for a small window of time.

+ Highest interest rates — up to 13% on USDT
+ Personal caps available for BTR holders
- Only a few coins are available
- Caps are only open for a limited time
- Cannot withdraw coins until the lock-up period ends

It’s your choice to decide which of these two investment plans better suits your needs. If you want the highest interest rates then lock-ups are best, but if you want the ability to trade your coins during a sudden market downturn then the flexible Power Piggy is the only way to keep your options open.




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