Highlights from Bitrue Community AMA

6 min readSep 12, 2022


Welcome to our AMA with Bitrue Research Team. We collected hundreds of questions from Bitruers and we’ve selected the top 20 interesting questions that we will answer in this session.

Is there a limit for people who are invited and what are the benefits for the inviter and the invitee?

So the Bitrue referral program, which we call Bitrue partner program, doesn’t have a specific limit for people that can be invited and actually we are encouraging people to invite as many people as possible to the platform. There are tons of benefits that Bitrue offers for both parties. For our partners Bitrue are giving up to 50% commission rebate lifetime and up to $3000USDT in bonuses. And that’s not about it, Bitrue is also planning a lot of activity with new listed projects that will also give more bonuses to our loyal customers. Crypto is all about community and the best thing is experiencing together with our friends the benefit of crypto investing in Bitrue platform. You can find the detail information about Bitrue partner program via this link

Many Bitruers are also curious about Bitrue’s tokens, $BTR and $BMAX. Can you explain more about the use cases for the $BTR and $BMAX tokens?

Bitrue is certainly a growing Centralized exchange that uses $BTR as our native token to incentivise users coming to our platform. $BTR serves a lot of use cases in the platform, such as trading fee deductions, cash deposits by projects, voting for listings, wealth management programs, and loan programs. $BTR is a deflationary token that periodically burned through our buyback and burn program. So we will see the $BTR supply will gradually decrease and while more people are coming to the platform and holding the token, the price will simultaneously increase.

While $BTR is sort of our project token, $BMAX is our incentives token.

$BMAX is Bitrue reward token for staking and yield farming, it is backed by a pool of assets and a fixed token supply will ensure the price stability of the token.

While the company keeps expanding its ground and investing in some promising crypto projects, $BTR and $BMAX certainly will serve other purposes in the future. And the future for holders of both tokens certainly will deem rewarding.

What are the requirements for new projects that want to get listed on the Bitrue exchange, and with a lot of crypto wash-trading that happen in the space, what are the preventative steps that have to be taken by the Bitrue Research Team?

So the Bitrue research team is certainly doing an immense amount of time analyzing a project before coming to a listing decision, it is because we want to make sure that every project listed in our exchange is truly the leading project in the space. We try to avoid listing sketchy projects that can only lead into a ponzi scheme. We love our customers and certainly don’t want them to have bad investing experience in our platform. Some criterias that we are looking at is the utility of the project, team behind the project, what are their qualifications and background, who are the project’s advisors, is there any venture capital backing up the projects, and ultimately how is the community supporting the project. We have a high threshold for each criterias, and certainly put our effort to filter the bad projects.

We are keeping projects that meet our threshold and dropping the one that doesn’t. We, as an exchange have already done our preventive measures to make sure that only quality projects that we are listing, but it is back again to traders and investors to do their own analysis and research before putting their money in those projects.

How about Bitrue’s plans for this year, and what is coming up in the near-term for Bitrue.

So currently Bitrue has several campaigns that are running, it is important for you guys not to miss each one of them. One of them is of course our New Fan Tokens Listing, as we are approaching a Big Soccer Event, the World Cup in the coming months, we are trying to provide our customers with trending and high quality fan tokens that are not just promising but also interesting to hold. Details of the campaign can be found here

Also we have launched a new feature in our platform, COIN-M Futures trading, and along with it we have a campaign with big prizes. There is a time limit for this campaign so we urge you to immediately join, the details can be found here

Bitrue is also an exchange that cares for their community. What else can the community do to support Bitrue going forward?

So we are working toward building a constructive and healthy community that can share and support each other as a participant in the crypto space. One of the steps that we are doing is to do more engagement to our community through opportunities like this AMA, and there will also be a lot of projects’ AMAs that you guys can join. So always stay tuned to our Bitrue’s Telegram Announcements channel, here is the link , so you won’t miss any of them because there will be interesting rewards to share along in the AMA.

We are recently launching our new discord channel where you can talk closely with our team and also other members of the exchange, you can find the invitation link here. We are trying to build as close a relationship as possible with our people, because Bitrue is all about their community.

How to make money in Bitrue besides trading, and also if there is any chance in the future to convert small balances to $BTR?

Currently our platform has Power Piggy and also Yield farming as part of our staking program. But those features are definitely a good suggestion for us as an exchange to keep building and adding new ones in our platform. We will definitely put that in our future development plan.

What differentiates Bitrue from other exchanges, and what are Bitrue’s obstacles as a growing exchange?

Bitrue is trying to compete and become one of the leading exchanges in the crypto space. That is our ultimate goal.

One thing that differentiates Bitrue from other exchanges is the whole trading experience that our platform has to offer. We have a simple and easy to use platform, advanced security structure through our cold wallet storage mechanism, and an international team spread around the globe which operates 24/7 to quickly assist any of our users inquiries.

If we are talking about the obstacle, actually a difficult time that the market is experiencing right now is one of the big obstacles that we have as an exchange. With current conditions, there are a lot of negative sentiments in the crypto market that obviously impacted our growth since the overall trading volume in the market is declining. Although Bitrue optimists to be one of the thriving exchanges, and we are confident that coming out of this recession, Bitrue will certainly stand their ground even stronger than ever.

How do you see this exchange in the next 5 years?

Bitrue is definitely expanding and we are looking forward to serving other countries that are not on our list right now. With steady growth within our headquarter and international team, we are trying to build strong foundations internally and externally. Within the next 5 years, confidently saying with the current average growth that we are having in the platform, the top 10 Biggest exchange by volume will be a realistic target for Bitrue.

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Thank you to everyone who took part in this special AMA with the Bitrue Research Team. Congratulations to the 20 participants that were chosen to receive a special reward from Bitrue. Keep following our social media platforms to receive all the latest Bitrue news, and we hope we’ll see you for another AMA soon




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