Highlights from Bitrue Community AMA

Is there a limit for people who are invited and what are the benefits for the inviter and the invitee?

Many Bitruers are also curious about Bitrue’s tokens, $BTR and $BMAX. Can you explain more about the use cases for the $BTR and $BMAX tokens?

What are the requirements for new projects that want to get listed on the Bitrue exchange, and with a lot of crypto wash-trading that happen in the space, what are the preventative steps that have to be taken by the Bitrue Research Team?

How about Bitrue’s plans for this year, and what is coming up in the near-term for Bitrue.

Bitrue is also an exchange that cares for their community. What else can the community do to support Bitrue going forward?

How to make money in Bitrue besides trading, and also if there is any chance in the future to convert small balances to $BTR?

What differentiates Bitrue from other exchanges, and what are Bitrue’s obstacles as a growing exchange?

How do you see this exchange in the next 5 years?



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