Highlights from Bitrue x Tokoin “Ask Me Anything” Session

6 min readNov 29, 2022

25th of November, 2022 — Mr. Welly Salim, CEO of Tokoin Global, recently joined Arvan Halim from Partnerships & Community at Bitrue for an “Ask Me Anything” session on Bitrue’s official Telegram channel.

TOKO arrived at Bitrue last week after successfully passing its BTR Voting round. As a technology company, Tokoin aims to provide advanced solutions that satisfy the needs of its local government and companies in Indonesia through blockchain technology. Tokoin believes in the power of the BIT (Blockchain Innovative Thinker) to change the world, starting from assisting ambitious projects with big dreams. TOKO is a super token which is an integral part of Tokoin’s entire ecosystem, being used as a reward token, payment token, and utility token in Tokoin’s De-Fi products and NFT ecosystem.

Welly Salim co-founded Tokoin as CTO and is gradually easing into the role of CEO in the last few years. Admitting himself as a geek inside, Welly has always been ecstatic and enthusiastic when it came to building more amazing features and tools for Tokoin’s community.

During the AMA session, Welly introduced Tokoin Global to the Bitrue Community. We wrapped up the highlights from the session in the Q&A below:

Who is Tokoin? What sets Tokoin apart from other projects?

Tokoin is a pioneer blockchain technology company, supported by its local government to help individuals and businesses alike with broader blockchain technology adoption. At Tokoin, aside from supporting individuals and businesses, Tokoin also builds its own Tokoin ecosystem which includes its De-Fi platform T-Fi (Tokoin De-Fi), its payment aggregator platform (T-Chain), its NFT-Fi ecosystem, and its staking and farming mechanisms. T-chain is a system that will be released soon that allows merchants to accept crypto as payment for purchases. At the heart of Tokoin’s ecosystem, is the TOKO token, being used as a reward token, payment token, and utility token. Tokoin is also currently in the R&D phase for upcoming projects such as Lottery, Lottery+, etc. They are in the midst of discussing projects surrounding social donation features.

As a growing company, Tokoin welcomes competition as it drives innovation and creativity, and that is especially needed in the blockchain industry. Competitors drive each other forward, like how Nvidia’s rivalry with AMD became its driving force.

How does listing TOKO on Bitrue benefit Tokoin and its community?

A token project can only survive in the industry with supporters or holders. Listing is one way that helps to drive more global expansion and token adoption. With Bitrue’s global reach and its vast community, Tokoin believes that it will further enhance Tokoin’s footing in the international market, allowing Tokoin to become a more recognisable brand in the blockchain industry, globally. If the opportunity arises and the partnership model is fit, Tokoin will be listing its TOKO coin on more exchanges in the future.

Why Bitrue?

Tokoin had always been seeking out trustworthy, long-term partners. Prior to entering partnerships, it is crucial for Tokoin to reinforce that belief. Tokoin Global is elated to find this in Bitrue’s team, becoming a strong believer in Bitrue’s mission and vision. Furthermore, Bitrue boasts a high organic volume on their exchange which is essential for improving Tokoin’s exposure. Tokoin is optimistic that they would be able to grow alongside Bitrue through this newly forged partnership.

Will TOKO be supported on other networks in Bitrue aside from ERC20 TOKO?

Tokoin had decided to start with ERC20 TOKO first, making it the only network that supports TOKO on Bitrue. However, Tokoin is currently working on having BEP20 as well. Bitrue anticipates itself as a long-term partner, helping Tokoin integrate more and more networks in the future.

Besides staking on Tokoin DeFi and T-Fi, does Tokoin plan to make staking available on Power Piggy or Yield Farming on Bitrue?

Being renowned for its Power Piggy function, TOKO will definitely be included in it very soon.

Will Tokoin and Bitrue organize more activities and rewards for TOKO users in the near future?

Yes, after having a positive chat with Tokoin’s CMO, Andrew (Click here to learn more about Tokoin’s team), the night before, Welly and Andrew unanimously agreed to only seek long-term partnerships that can provide benefits and advancement to both parties. Welly looks forward to more activities and future integration between Tokoin and Bitrue.

Does Tokoin have any specific plans to attract and grow the TOKO user community or improve the user experience?

Tokoin has a vibrant community where many interesting events are organized. Tokoin puts in the hard work to keep its community engaged and up to date with its project developments. Welly further stated that “Community is like fuel for our motivation and drives us to work even harder”.

At the moment, the market is uncertain and there is a lot of unreliable news being constantly spread. As the CEO of one of the biggest Indonesian projects, how will Tokoin step up in an environment today?

Welly’s strategy is to “block the noise and focus on building”. In his view, blockchain and crypto technology are here to stay and it is beneficial to our world and the economy, whether you like it or not. He always listened to his team as a collective unit and relies on data to make sound decisions. Welly also urged the community not to rush in to believe news from the Internet. One should always take the time to digest it and distinguish facts from lies. Crypto is here to stay because there are trustable players in the industry and a supportive community that is passionate about helping newcomers.

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Recently, the FTX incident has made users feel discouraged about trading crypto on exchanges. Do you have any suggestions for the community regarding this?

Welly suggests that community members diversify their investment portfolios. They should spread and allocate their financial assets in CEXs, personal wallets, DEXs and non-crypto investment vehicles as well. Welly also noted that Tokoin’s experience with Bitrue had been pleasant thus far and hopes that it continues on.

Aside from Indonesian and English speakers, how do you plan to spread awareness about your project in different countries where English is not spoken well? Do you have local communities for them to let them better understand your project?

Yes, Tokoin has a global community and also localised communities based in Latin America, China, the Philippines and Indonesia. The community should check them out! Tokoin is also looking for regional community managers. Any interested parties should contact Tokoin admins via official channels to find out more.

Join and check out the group for respective regions/language and stay updated on what’s happening with TOKO 💪

Global Group: https://t.me/TokoinGlobal

Latin American Group: https://t.me/Tokoinla

Chinese Group: https://t.me/tokoinchinese

Philippines Group: https://t.me/tokoin_PH

Indonesian Group: https://t.me/Tokoin_Indonesia

Many people evaluate projects based on their token value, not the technologies/features the project owns. How can your team add new value to their investors so that more people understand your project than the price?

Investing in R&D leads to revenue for TOKOIN. R&D is always a Value Adding operation. Tokoin is now operating in a revenue-seeking mode. By going back to the basics, Tokoin is prioritizing projects that can bring in revenue first. Revenue will fund TOKOIN’s current and future operations. Tokoin is also working hard in improving its efficiency. Instead of building everything by themselves, they will form strategic partnerships with other players. Welly admits that building everything by themselves would be impossible. He hopes that this strategy will send TOKO to the MOON.

Before concluding the session, Welly reminded all to stay hopeful and believe in crypto’s fundamentals. Industry players are working hard on a daily basis to shed a positive light on crypto’s outlook for the non-crypto public. Although the past few months have not been rainbows and butterflies for crypto enthusiasts, Welly reiterated that he strongly believes that it will turn out better as long as everyone believes in the cause.




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