Highlights From Bitrue’s New Chief Strategy Officer, Robert Quartly-Janeiro’s First “Ask Me Anything” Session

4 min readNov 30, 2022

24th November, 2022 — Bitrue, one of the World’s leading tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges, has named Robert Quartly-Janeiro its new Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). In his role, Quartly-Janeiro will advise the company on strategic external relations, positioning, corporate development, and strategic opportunities. Quartly-Janeiro made his first video appearance to the Bitrue Community on their official Telegram community channel last night.

Let’s dive into the highlights from the AMA session!

Who is Bitrue’s New CSO, Robert Quartly-Janeiro?

Quartly-Janeiro introduced himself as a professional with nearly 15 years of experience under his belt across alternative investment advisory, banking, strategic communications, and consulting. He had been worked on various asset classes, issues and geographies in client-facing roles from Analyst to Director. Based in Europe, he is an alumnus of Exeter University and the LSE.

The Bitrue Team

When asked to introduce Bitrue, Quartly-Janeiro cited Bitrue as a leading CEX that has been open since 2018. Bitrue’s primary goal is to provide a simpler, faster and safer trading platform to all crypto investors.

Bitrue is dedicated to providing secure, stable, and efficient financial services for all users. He reiterated that Bitrue prides itself on the wide variety of assets and choices it has available, including 700 altcoins supported, almost 2,000 pairs, 100+ Futures options, 200+ leverage tokens, and more.

Quartly-Janeiro further commented that Bitrue also supports a Yield Farming Hub which allows investors to earn returns with a simple setup by staking their crypto assets, as well as Power Piggy, Bitrue’s most popular feature for generating a steady stream of passive income.

Bitrue’s team was started by executives from the tech industry who developed a passion for blockchain. Bitrue is now an international team of experts in security, cryptography, finance, and other fields, and has representatives in Europe and Asia.

What does community mean to Bitrue?

Quartly-Janeiro emphasized that Bitrue has been building a constructive and healthy community that can share and support each other in the crypto space. One of the steps that Bitrue is taking is to increase engagement with its community through AMAs and to listen to our community.

With various projects and Q&As in the pipeline, he also reminded the community to stay tuned to upcoming updates on the Bitrue Announcements channel on Telegram to avoid missing out on them!

Bitrue’s Major Milestones Over the Years

Quartly-Janeiro stated that Bitrue is proud to say that the exchange has been active through bearish and bullish markets for 4 years and has grown substantially during that time.

To date, Bitrue has 9 million registered users, 2 million monthly active users, more than 1,000 tokens listed, trading volumes of $2 billion in spot, $3 billion in futures, and over 600K Twitter followers.

He added that Bitrue will keep moving forward over the next several years and welcome more users, projects and partners.

What is Yield Farming and Power Piggy?

Being two of Bitrue’s popular features — Yield Farming and Power Piggy, Quartly-Janeiro explained their main benefits to the community over the AMA session last night.

He stated that generally speaking, Yield Farming on Bitrue usually has a higher APY when compared to other staking platforms. All users are eligible to participate in the existing hundreds of Yield Farming pools with up to 200% APY. If whales or HOLDers want high returns, it is essential for the community and new users to invest in Bitrue Yield Farming to get high APYs, easier access, and heightened security compared to other exchanges.

Where does Quartly-Janeiro see Bitrue in 5 years?

Bitrue is expanding and is looking forward to serving other countries that are not on its list right now. With steady growth within Bitrue’s international team, it is building strong foundations internally and externally. Quartly-Janeiro stated that within the next 5 years with the current average growth, Bitrue plans to be in the Top 10 Largest Exchanges in the world by volume.

Before concluding the session, Quartly-Janeiro thanked the community for their unwavering support and said that Bitrue will continue delivering what the community wants and needs by listening to the community in a more engaged way.

About Bitrue

Founded in 2018, Bitrue is one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges and management platforms. Bitrue employs blockchain and emerging technologies that enable access to an expansive suite of crypto products, options, and services.

As a digital assets trading platform, Bitrue operates with globalization, specialization, and diversification at its core. Bitrue’s mission is to become a key player in making blockchain and digital assets infrastructure available to everyone by enabling users to buy, sell and invest in more than 700 cryptocurrencies.




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