Highlights From LOGOS x Bitrue “Ask Me Anything” Sessions

Dialogue with LOGOS to see how the innovative tourism metaverse helps the global power tourism industry to break out

7 min readSep 8, 2022

It’s another AMA event with Bitrue and last Friday, we had the opportunity to speak with one of the projects that have focused on Metaverse service providers focusing on the global tourism industry.

Tourism is one of the most powerful and largest trillion-dollar industries in the world economy. At present, with the normalization of global COVID-19 epidemic prevention and management, the global tourism industry is actively recovering. We have reason to believe that the Blockchain tour Metaverse track, which falls on the entity and focuses on the future of the industry, will be ready to explode. LOGOS, as the early planner of the Metaverse racetrack, has been in a leading position in terms of technical structure system, ecological layout and landing. In this AMA, we will take a comprehensive analysis and understanding of LOGOS, and see how LOGOS can continuously maintain the track competitiveness and expand its influence in the industry.

We have the honor to have a discussion with Jason, Chief Operating Officer of LOGOS to Bitrue Twitter Space AMA.

Let’s check more detail about the project in below Q & A

Can you kindly please introduce LOGOS in short?

LOGOS is a Metaverse service provider focusing on the global tourism industry, from South Korea, dedicated to creating a brand-new tourism Metaverse for global users. In LOGOS, you can enjoy the world’s unbounded payment experience through the LOG-PAY system. Through LOGOS ZONE, you can view the most authentic evaluations and services of scenic spots in the world, enjoy the most professional encryption fund investment services and the coolest GameFi . In short, LOGOS will become a Metaverse community space that can meet your travel, investment, entertainment and social demand.

What’s the initial point of initiation and creation of the LOGOS ? What important mission does LOGOS have?

As we all know, the COVID-19 epidemic in 2019 has greatly impacted all walks of life in the world, especially the tourism industry. The practitioners in the global tourism industry are all facing a huge survival crisis, and we see opportunities for industrial upgrading and evolution. The current tourism industry is facing a series of centralized trust problems, such as high cross-border transaction fees, fake reviews, high operating costs and high commissions. We see that the technical characteristics of decentralized Blockchain can perfectly solve the current problems of the tourism industry, so we will first solve the industrial pain points of high cross-border transaction fees as a breakthrough, and develop a LOG-PAY global payment system. In addition, we also found that there are a large number of tokens in the Blockchain industry. How to find the value of tokens is a difficult problem faced by many developers and investors. LOG-PAY is a global encrypted currency payment platform based on the Blockchain, which connects consumers, stores and enterprises in the professional entity economic zone extensively. Users and partners around the world can pay securely and quickly on the multilingual LOG-PAY platform, and various alliance groups can use LOG wallet and LOGPOS to obtain services such as promotion, payment and sales management. Therefore, solving the problems of traditional industries and boosting the traditional economy is the initial idea initiated by LOGOS, and it is also an effective solution for the value discovery of current ecological tokens.

LOGOS must have core team members who are all excellent people in their respective fields. Could you kindly please briefly introduce them? We would love to get to know them better.

Well, the core members of LOGOS have rich experience in tourism,Blockchain and software services. For example, our CEO ,Sean, who has been in the tourism industry for 15 years, has rich industry resources and experience. Under his leadership and efforts, travel agencies from many countries have joined the LOGOS project and started to establish the infrastructure of the logo area from Southeast Asia. There is also our CTO Adam, who has 20 years of rich experience in the field of network engineering and system design and has led the technological research and development of many large projects. With his help, we have application refresh efficiency beyond industry standards.

Also, you mentioned briefly about LOG — PAY previously. Can you kindly please explain more about LOG — PAY?

LOG-PAY is a new generation of global encrypted currency payment system based on Blockchain. We will not mention the shortcomings of the traditional legal currency payment system, such as slow efficiency and high handling fee. Compared with the previous generation of Blockchain payment system, Log-Pay solves the problem of value volatility in current encrypted payment ,and ensures the ease and stability of encrypted asset payment. More importantly, the goal of LOG — PAY from the beginning is not only to encrypt the payment on the user’s line, but also to focus on a specific industry, such as tourism, entity businesses under connecting lines, alliances and intermediary organizations, to help solve the payment system problems they are facing.

Currently Metaverse is a trending topic and has a huge potential going forward. In what way and why does LOGOS position itself as a travel Metaverse?

At present, each of the ecological tokens in the encryption industry has the problem that tokens are difficult to circulate and interact with each other. LOGOS is committed to provide the industry with an executable solution for token value discovery. Of course, this is also a blueprint for the development strategy of LOGOS based on its own resources and advantages. LOG-PAY is the core of the technical structure and application of LOGOS, but the ecology of LOGOS does not stop at LOG-PAY. In order to promote the circulation and stability of LOG, we put forward the tourism Metaverse ecological layout strategy of LOGOS ZONE, which includes tourism, finance, DAO and GameFi. We are committed to build a Metaverse community space that meets users’ travel, investment, entertainment and social needs, and a Metaverse value space with full circulation of LOG.

What is the current circulating market value and future target of the ecological token LOG?

The total circulation of LOG is 200 million pieces, but the current circulation is almost less than 1%, and the market value of the whole circulation is less than 500,000 USDT, because the initial operation and development work are all independently developed. However, with the opening of the LOGOS ZONE ,the plan to be on exchange,we will provide liquidity for ecological construction one after another, and the liquidity will be different through participating cooperative units and supporting points. Moreover, we have already cooperated with the tourism chain organization in Korea, and 50,000 customers will have priority to experience our services and logos zone.

So far, what ecological applications has LOGOS implemented? And going forward, what are the future plans for LOGOS?

At this stage, we mainly engage in the infrastructure construction of the LOGOS ZONE in Southeast Asia. At present, we have established the LOGOS ZONE in Da Nang, Vietnam. In the future, we will actively seek like-minded organizations, institutions and alliances around the world to realize the global coverage of the LOGOS ZONE. Of course, in addition to expanding the LOGOS ZONE in the real world, we should also realize the corresponding LOGOS ZONE in the Metaverse, so that more people can experience the immersive feeling of tourism and the expansion of financial direction. On the technical level, our LOGOS Payment system is actively undergoing internal testing, and we believe that we will be able to provide a brand new payment experience soon for users around the world .

On the technical level, can you please briefly describe LOGOS? And are there any updates or any information that you would like the community to know?

LOGOS product design concept: minimize the threshold of use and optimize the user experience. At the end of September, LOGOS official website and Platform will complete a major update, welcome to experience the brand-new LOGOS.For this reason, our team has been continuously developing and updating the existing system.

Community cohesion is crucial and plays a big role. To give back to the community, what community activities will LOGOS hold in the near future?

The community is the foundation of the industry, and the LOGOS team has been paying close attention to the construction of community vitality and cohesion. As you know, At present, we are holding a series of community incentive activities jointly with Bitrue. Here, we also thank Biture for supporting us. Moreover, we hold LOG reward activities on the official Twitter or telegraph group to actively interact with community users every week.

And we are on to the last question, are there anything that you would like to say to the LOGOS community and the Bitrue community?

First of all, I’d like to thank you for your support of the LOGOS team. If the purpose of travel is to find the real self, then the existence of the LOGOS travel metaverse is to enable the public to realize individual value. To this end, we will maintain continuous progress. Finally, The important thing is, friends from the Biture community, please pay attention to the LOGOS official website and the social platform. We will announce the latest development of the LOGOS project to you as soon as possible.

– — -

That’s the end of the AMA sessions. The global tourism industry is about to recover. The Tour Metaverse Track is worth the wait. If you want to know more about LOGOS, please pay attention to the LOGOS official website social platform:

Official website: logos-foundation.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FoundationLogos

Telegram: https://t.me/logos_foundation

Medium: https://medium.com/@logosFoundation

And stay tuned for another AMA session with Bitrue to talk about various projects that you can find on Bitrue!




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