Our Songbird FTSO Support is Live! Snapshot for EXFI On December 12

We’re firmly in December and Christmas is around the corner, but at Bitrue we believe in giving gifts all year round. Read on to see what treats we’ve delivered this week!

We have commenced our support for the Songbird FTSO, which means we are now providing pricing data to this oracle and helping to supply the world with objective data about a range of cryptocurrencies. As a bonus this means that we are now able to support Songbird SGB in Power Piggy! Investments are available to all users on their SGB at 10% APR. Like all Power Piggy investments there is no lockup period and you’ll receive your interest rewards daily, take a look here.

Speaking of SGB, a snapshot of everyone’s Songbird balances will be taken on December 12 at 18:00 UTC. Based on this balance an airdrop of EXFI will be taking place, read more about it on our helpdesk. Any SGB that you’ve invested in Power Piggy will also count for the purposes of this airdrop.

We’re also making headway on our translation project, with German and French recently getting finished. Korean and Turkish are both about halfway done, if you or anyone you know speaks either of these languages then we’d love for you to contribute and make Bitrue available to your countrymen. There are rewards available for the top contributors when a language has been completed! Sign up here to start helping out.

Finally, we’re looking to find guest presenters for our YouTube channel who can help us host AMAs with top 50 coin projects, make video introductions to new coins coming to the BTRVote, or show other content they’re interested in to our 4 million+ users. Get in touch with us by emailing us at content@bitrue.com and we’ll see how we can work together — you will be paid for your contributions!

Keep up with all the latest Bitrue news by following us on Twitter — @BitrueOfficial.



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