The First Coins To Pass The BTR Vote Prove Their Value

Dear Bitruers,

This week saw the completion of two separate BTR Votes, the newest feature on Bitrue where we have handed over governance of coin listings to our most beloved of users — the BTR holders. The final results have seen three new tokens receiving express Bitrue listings — Iagon, gSAIL, and LIQ Protocol. Iagon even managed to set new records as the fastest coin to reach the 4,000,000 BTR target, AND they finished with the highest number of total votes we’ve ever seen with over 14,000,000 BTR staked in support. Anyone who voted for Iagon will be receiving an airdrop of IAG soon to say thanks.

By the by, earlier this week we took a look at the performance of the coins that had been listed via BTR Voting to see if the community has been able to pick successful projects. The results were quite surprising — the average ROI on graduating projects was over 280%! You can take a deeper look at the results right here. It confirms our belief that the decentralized wisdom of the crowds is able to efficiently pick high-quality coins.

As such we’ll be going full steam ahead with regular BTR Votes every week. Coming up next Wednesday, August 25th we’ll be giving you the opportunity to vote for ZooKeeper ZOO, a coin that is gamifying the yield farming process to make earning coins more fun. If you think it would be a valuable addition to the Bitrue exchange then make sure you get your BTR ready to support it. Your generosity won’t go unrewarded, because everyone who votes for ZOO will receive part of a $30,000 reward pool proportional to the amount of BTR you staked! Voting is currently only available on the app, available to download for both iOS and Android.

If you are the official representative of a coin project and you would also like to see your coin listed for BTR Voting, please get in contact with us by filling out this form. If you are successful you will receive a fast-track listing on the exchange as well as a full marketing push from Bitrue.

And finally, a quick wrap up of all the new coins that came to Bitrue this week:

You can keep track of all our updates as they happen on our Twitter account — @BitrueOfficial. It’s the best way to learn about our latest listings, new yield farming opportunities, prize contests, and a whole lot more information about all the comings and goings of the exchange.

Best Regards,



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