Why Bitrue Exchange?

3 min readNov 15, 2018


Bitrue Mobile App (Available both iOS & Android)

Who Are We?

Bitrue is a forward-thinking cryptocurrency exchange platform dedicated to providing the most trustworthy digital asset management services in a simple, efficient and secure manner.

The Company & People Behind It

Registered in Singapore in 2018, Bitrue offers worldwide services to cryptocurrency investors with offices across the United States, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan. The company was built by a good mix of digital finance experts, cyber security specialists and blockchain developers, who share the same passion of redefining crypto trading experiences.

What Have We Been Working On?

Bitrue is currently focused on expanding its customer base via competitive fee structure, well-publicized marketing events, and mostly excitingly, a mobile trading platform!

We are lucky enough to have been ranked on TOP 100 globally on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko by trading volume thanks to the continuous support and trust from our core community.

Product and services wise, Bitrue supports both crypto-to-crypto and OTC trading. API trading tool is also under open beta testing stage.

Bitrue Website Homepage

XRP As A Base Currency

Bitrue has long been pledging its commitment to the XRP community and ecosystem by constantly building XRP liquidity via a transparent and trusted marketplace. It has been one of the earliest exchanges to adopt XRP as a base currency. The team has been spending a lot of time and resources on improving its trading platform and mobile applications to facilitate the XRP liquidity since launched earlier in June 2018.

Fundamentally what has been driving the team to such commitment is their strong belief and respect in XRP. The team believes that with XRP’s mission to facilitate cross-border payments by eliminating the need for banks to hold the money, thus making it much cheaper and faster, there lies massive unleashed value and potential within XRP in a global scale. Let’s dive into more details about their recent progress on that.

Most excitingly it has recently been added to Ripple’s official XRP Chart. And it went viral on a recent Twitter post.

Bitrue Listed On Ripple’s XRP Chart

XRP-Based Trading Is Available Across All Platforms

[iOS] https://apple.co/2AVuQU8

[Android] http://bit.ly/2FpydqX

[PC/Desktop] http://bit.ly/2OLnSVv

Always Giving Back To The Customers

Bitrue has embraced a philosophy of always putting customers first from day one. To be able to deliver that promise, the team has been constantly refining user experience by enhancing security, tuning UI, building localized and professional customer support teams while organizing rewarding events to engage and benefit their customers and community members. So much that one of its earliest customers Felix has expressed in the Telegram group that he has

never seen an exchange giving back as much to the customers than Bitrue”.

On top of that, easy to use, excellent team support, low trading fees, and high security are also the most often heard feedback from its community and that has been the reason why customers stay with the platform.

For the latest events, bounty programs and promotions please check the newest published weekly digest!

[Telegram] https://t.me/BitrueOfficial

[Twitter] https://twitter.com/BitrueOfficial

[Facebook] https://www.facebook.com/BitrueOfficial

[Medium] https://medium.com/@bitrue





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