XRP Trading Volume At Bitrue Surpassed Poloniex & Bittrex

Bitrue CEO Curis Wang Shared The Latest Momentum At Block Space Launch Party

4 min readDec 7, 2018

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 4:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.

We are so honored to have had @Ripple @LTCFoundation @500Startups @Quark_Chain @BlockFishIO StarChain Ventures and a lot more joined our Block Space Launch Party, where trends & predictions of 2019 have been shared, endless discussions have been inspired!

Bitrue and Block Space have invited some of the greatest minds in the blockchain space to the biggest holiday party at Block Space’s new incubator office in the heart of Silicon Valley on Wednesday, December 5. The event has welcomed more than 200 Bitrue community members, very down-to-the-earth and authentically organized.

Emi Yoshikawa, Global Ops & Partnership @Ripple has definitely been the mostly loved soul at the event!

Emi Yoshikawa with Curis Wang & Valerie Min

In her opening remark she looked back 2 years ago, when trading volume of #XRP was merely 1 million, and today it’s over 1 BILLION! @Ripple has connected with 200+ partners globally to facilitate cross-border payments services!

Emi on her opening speech

Our @Curis_Wang presented [Bitrue Power Piggy]

a better alternative investment tool for you to earn 7%- 8% annual interest by simply holding stablecoins on Bitrue.

Minimum starting fund is $55, investment time frame can be as short as 14 days.

First batch of supported coins are USDT/PAX/GUSD/TUSD, Earn USDT on USDT, PAX on PAX, GUSD on GUSD, TUSD on GUSD. More details have been shared in this article: http://bit.ly/2KDCVjO

Obvious benefits are low risks & decent profit in this bear market!

Driving Liquidity For The #XRP Market

In one of his slides presented during Bitrue & Block Space Launch Party @Curis_Wang shared this latest momentum, in which Bitrue was passing Poloniex & Bittrex for #XRP daily trading volume! Moving up steadily.

XRP Trading Volume Chart (12:00 December 5, PST)

The event also welcomed Andrew Yang @ecurrencyhodler, COO of @BlockFuse. He’s also author of “Understanding Litecoin”, and has been one of the earliest @LTCFoundation evangelists.

Kerry Washington @bigkerrytweets from @LTCFoundation also presented at the event, the key takeaways:

The goal for #LTC in 2019 is to increase liquidity by 90%, grow daily volume to $600B, plus connecting with mainstream retail partners!

Plus there were some lovely selfies!

Andrew Yang & Curis Wang
Kerry Washington & Curis Wang
Kerry at his presentation

Qi Zhou, CEO of Quark_Chain has also shared the latest progress of Quark Chain project. Excited to hear that it now can handle 1,000 x more TPS than Ethereum !

#QKC is available for trading on Bitrue http://bit.ly/2KrgfmE

The event has also seen a lot of marvelous investors and startups during the pitching session

Investors included: Robert Neivert @RNeivert from @500Startups, @TheFabricNet @FranklinUrteaga @normanliang and a few more. Thanks all for coming!

There were 9 startups participated in the demo pitch in front of all investors and audiences! Among them @BlockFish is obviously a rising star, it aims to create a transparent and secure gaming environment empowered by blockchain. Now it’s the #1 Dapp on #EOS by user base!

We’re so grateful to have had Radhika @RIyengar13 , along with her parter from Starchain VC, Jorden Woods to the event!

Radhika has wonderfully moderated the panel discussion, the audiences just love her so much. The event ended with hosts & guests toasting, wishing a great 2019 ahead of the blockchain industry!

We hope you enjoyed the above information and please visit our site for the above mentioned investment tool [Bitrue Power Piggy], happy investing!

Toast for the year ahead!




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