Yield Farming Hub — Benefitting The Entire Crypto Ecosystem

3 min readJan 7, 2022

Dear Bitruers,

In case you missed it, we recently announced that we were launching a brand new feature on Bitrue starting January 10th 2022 — a Yield Farming Hub.

In short this is a feature where you can use your $BTR to farm for coins in a format similar to DeFi mining pools that have become popular over the last couple of years. Today we wanted to explain why we chose to develop this feature, why we believe it’s a win-win for all interested parties, and why we believe it’s going to kick start a huge increase in the value of BTR.

What value does it bring to users?

A lot of the excitement of holding cryptocurrencies comes from seeing a coin go up by 100% or more in a day, but experienced investors know that the real way to secure your financial future is by establishing long term consistent income streams. During market downturns we see more and more of our users seeking the stability of guaranteed income as a way of ensuring that they continue to build wealth without needing to guess the temperament of the market.

The Yield Farming Hub caters perfectly towards this need. We are aiming to make the average APY available in this hub around 50%, with some opportunities able to reach highs of 200% (at launch we will have a pool open at 150%). Furthermore there is no risk of impermanent loss of funds, which can be a very real concern for users when trying to invest in DeFi platforms.

What value does it bring to our partners?

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking with numerous teams who have coins available, including those we already have listed on Bitrue and also fresh faces that have yet to be listed. They have all shown a very positive response to the possibility of being included in the Yield Farming Hub. These teams are all very keen to attract the attention of the very active Bitrue community, and it will also help these projects find ways to lock up parts of the circulating supply of their coins, which leads to lower sell pressure and higher prices for their coins over time.

What value does it bring to Bitrue?

And finally, everyone in the Bitrue team is very excited about the possibilities that this opens up for us. We’re able to forge deeper partnerships with many of our long term partners, and we believe it’s going to help bring a lot of new users to Bitrue who are seeking the highest safe gains that they can get on their crypto assets. Additionally, we’ll be able to monitor the popularity of all of these pools and use the information we learn to provide more pools that fulfil the real needs of all our users.

The Yield Farming Hub will be working in tandem with Power Piggy, BTR Lockups, and the BTR Vote. Depending on your needs, how much attention you want to pay, the returns that you want to receive and so on, you can select an investment strategy that works for you, with all of these functions powered by BTR. That’s why we’re now calling BTR the world’s first Yield Token — a token with the explicit utility of maximizing your investment returns.

Three years ago Bitrue was the first exchange in the world to launch an investment service in Power Piggy, a feature copied and now available at any exchange worth its salt, and we’ve never lost our pioneering spirit! The Yield Farming Hub is the first of several major developments that we have in production, we hope that you will make the best use of it when it launches on January 10th.

Make sure that you are stocked up on BTR so that you can make the most of this feature. BTR is available for trading on Bitrue right now.




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